Why Lease?  |   Video Conference Room Rental

Why Lease?

When you lease a video conference unit from Succinct, you can relax while we take care of all the technical setup and maintenance for the smooth functioning of your business meetings. With monthly hire starting from just S$1,200 nett per month, be amazed at the increased productivity as you spend more time overseeing the micro and macro aspects of your global projects rather than shuttling to and back from airports.

Leasing enables you to preserve valuable cash flow for other critical functions within your business. Very often, businesses have to balance the need for expansion and overseas ambitions together with account balances to enable smooth cash flow. Leasing is a great way to conserve reserves to take advantage of current market opportunities as well as tax benefits permitted legally.


With all aspects of technical support and equipment maintenance included in the package, you can concentrate all your efforts on achieving impressive quarterly results.

The Tax Benefits

Choice of leasing is very obvious as you get all the benefits of utilizing the equipment with the tax benefits of renting it. You can protect yourself from steep depreciation. Equipments typically are worth a fraction of their values after three years. With leasing, you can ensure that the company gets the benefit of the latest advancements in equipment technology.

Fixed Payments

The cost of monthly investment is fixed and transparent and enables clear financial projection of cost.

Flexible Solutions

Rental of the equipment will appear as expenses rather than debt and makes your business and balance sheet more attractive to investors and lenders.